Anti-Microbial Film

What is the Nano silver Anti-Microbial Film?The transparent film easily adheres to a wide array of surfaces in highly trafficked areas including elevator buttons, door handles, grocery carts, desks, ATM machines, rideshare vehicles surfaces, restaurant counters, and more. While providing microbial protections, its clear material does not augment superficial characteristics for seamless, inconspicuous deployment.our Nanosilver Antimicrobial film shows excellent antibacterial behavior against Labs and high antibacterial performance, to Protect Against Viruses, the transparent smart material employs silver ion particles and NANO technology to reduce surface bacteria and viruses by 99.9%Transparent and Simple to Apply to Any SurfaceEasily Removable with No ResidueExtremely potent germ killer-99.99% killing rate!Long Lasting protection on application surfacesEasy Maintenance and Cleaning

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